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InPalette ID: CA000000114
Series: TOH
Pattern: YSM101
Brand: TOLI
Manufacturer: TOLI
Country: Japan
Warranty: 5 years warranty
Price Range: Low

Product Description

Beautiful dye infiltrated into white woven cloth has created an amazing design of dim white light in the dark. TOH(light) range of YUISOME will produce an aesthetic illusionary atmosphere in your space. 2 colors are available.

Surface: BCF Nylon 100%
Base Fabric: Nonwoven Polyester
Dyeing method of yarn: Piece Dyed
Backing: PVC and Glass Fiber
Tile Size: 500mm x 500mm
Overall thickness: 9.0mm
Pile Height 6.0mm (cut pile)
Yarn weight (oz/sq.yd) 29.5
Way of Installation: Quarter Turn
Packing: 16pcs/box=4sm/box
Net Weight 19.6kg/box

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