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InPalette ID: CA000000129
Series: GX-9700V
Pattern: GX9702V
Brand: TOLI
Manufacturer: TOLI
Country: Japan
Warranty: 5 years warranty
Price Range: Low

Product Description

Authentic wood-plank image is well converted into carpet tile form.

Surface: BCF Nylon 100%
Base Fabric: Nonwoven Polyester
Dyeing method of yarn: Solution Dyed
Backing: PVC and Glass Fiber
Tile Size: 250mm x 1000mm
Overall thickness: 7.5mm
Pile Height H4.0mm/L3.0mm (textured loop pile)
Yarn weight (oz/sq.yd) 21.2
Way of Installation: Ashlar or Monolithic
Packing: 12pcs/box=3sm/box
Net Weight 16.5kg/box

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